Now is the Time to Go All in

Insurtechs have been going all in for years. They’ve disrupted an industry with billions of dollars and the latest technology. They’ve shifted how insureds do business. A face to face meeting is now a text, message or chatbot.  We’ve seen it coming and most of us have been slow to adapt, but Covid-19 has changed the game forever and we have no choice but to embrace the technology and adapt now.

This is the time to go all in. Your agency has to be fast, efficient and technologically advance to survive in this new world. There is no more sitting by the phone and waiting for it to ring – you have to be intentional and you have to be strategic.

Here are 5 tips to better position your agency:

Structure Your Day

Does the day run you or do you run the day? Control every minute of every day. This might include planning the night before, scheduling into 15 minute intervals or task batching. Be intentional with your time. Have clear and organized daily objections and meet them. Time is money.

Streamline Your Process

Make your process as efficient as possible so that you can grow your agency as efficient as possible. If you can’t explain your process simply – it’s not simple enough. Take a look at your current processes, integrate the necessary technology and make adjustments now for the future. Keep it simple.

Be Accessible in All Ways

Do you offer texting, chatbots and email sequencing? You should. Texting is a no-brainer – it’s an immediate link to your client for service and follow-up. Think about installing chatbots on your website. Chatbots are a simple way for clients to make changes to existing policies. It’s also a great way for your agency to filter incoming quotes and client services. Finally, set up email sequencing to work for your agency behind the scenes. Take a day and set up your sequences. This will pay off in dividends by expanding your book of business through following up and rounding out accounts automatically.

Sharpen Your Strategy

It doesn’t matter if its Google, Facebook or Youtube. Don’t throw your marketing and advertising budget at a wall and hope something sticks. Be intentional and utilize geofencing. Who is your market? What is the best way to reach them? What does your agency execute well? Whatever that is – double down on it. Use technology to continuously reach, grow and preserve your client relationships.


Finally, EXECUTE. It’s time to go all in with every minute of every day. That is how you build something great. Well thought out plans and ideas are nice, but if they’re not executed, they mean nothing. If you’re not willing to go all in right now, someone else is. Take the time, build the technology, meet your client where they need to be met, strengthen your client relationships and execute your mission – because if you don’t take the time now, it’s only a matter of time before Insurtech does.

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