Now is the Time to Pursue a Fulfilling Career in Insurance

With record numbers of employees aging out of the insurance industry workforce – at all levels, and in all areas – insurance jobs are available to people who want to embrace and drive discoveries that power insurance’s primary mission: to make communities safer, more resilient and more productive. And after a loss, to rebuild lives, households and businesses.

While it may not be immediately apparent, insurance is the backbone of the global economy. Without insurers, businesses wouldn’t be able to build factories and offices. Concerts, sporting events, the film industry—even universities, libraries, and parks—all are made possible in part by the careful management of risk. Insurance makes great things happen.

And now is an ideal time to explore the many career opportunities insurance offers. The industry is making huge investments in its future, as a leading innovator of practical advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), big data, telemetrics and other emerging technologies. But perhaps our biggest investment is in finding the right people.

No matter what your educational background or interests are—music, cars, advertising or finance—an insurance career can be a gateway to a lifelong opportunity to learn and serve.

Working in insurance offers opportunities that extend far beyond a reliable paycheck or the walls of a workplace. Whether you’re interested in serving the community, experiencing different cultures around the world, or choosing a career path that offers real opportunities to grow and learn every day, a career in insurance can help bring your goals and dreams within reach.

To make CSAA Insurance Group more appealing to prospective candidates, our HR team focuses on excelling in and promoting key areas that we know are important and appealing to job seekers:

Inclusion & Belonging

The power of inclusion is one of our core beliefs, and our award-winning Inclusion & Belonging programs are designed to support it. The ability to effectively engage a broad cross-section of people – each with unique differences – not only supports an inclusive workspace, but also allows us to better meet our customers’ needs.

Diversity is proven to drive employee engagement, innovation and profitability – all of which have very real bottom-line impacts. We believe that it’s more than just the right thing to do; diversity and inclusion help drive business results. They are critical to maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.


A culture in which everyone feels a sense of inclusion and belonging doesn’t happen by chance or just in employee orientation. It needs to be intentional, based on shared values, leadership and a well-thought-out, integrated plan. It needs to touch the employee from day one, across the entire employee experience. Our culture initiatives are human-centered in design and implementation and effectively equips learners – at all levels of the company – with a critical lens and the tools to not only show up in an inclusive manner, but also ensure that they are actively considering inclusion in the programs, policies and overall systems that they create and engage in.


Volunteerism enables organizations to connect their diverse expertise, resources and time to help improve the lives of people in need. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been asked by prospective hires about the volunteer opportunities we offer. I’m proud to say that in 2019, we achieved a 100 percent employee volunteer engagement rate for the second consecutive year, the highest rate ever recorded for any company with more than 3,000 employees. Giving back to the communities our employees live in and to the customers we serve is something we’re deeply committed to, passionate about and is part of our DNA. Our commitment to volunteerism is an integral part of what makes us a good corporate citizen and a great place to work.

Employee Benefits

To attract top talent, insurance companies need to provide their employees with the tools and resources they need to improve their physical, emotional and financial health. At CSAA Insurance Group, our award-winning wellness programs are designed to create and reinforce a healthy and productive work environment for our employees. We also offer leadership programs led by the company’s leadership team that are dedicated to providing ample opportunities for professional growth and maintaining a deep bench of talent. Of the company’s 11 C-level executives, seven were promoted from within.

One of our newer programs has proven very popular with candidates. We have designed our 410(k) contribution plan to encourage employees to both pay off their college debt and save for retirement. This creative approach saves people from having to make a common, but troubling, choice between tackling student debt or contributing to a retirement plan.

Your Path in Insurance

What I love about working in insurance is that I’m continuously challenged to find innovative and better ways to serve customers and communities with care and compassion. I love being able to shape our company’s culture and drive it from the inside out. It’s incredibly fulfilling to know that my work, for example, is helping to guide enterprise-level and individual decisions.

We regularly remind our employees that insurance is a noble and honorable profession, as we are making a promise to our customers to be there when they need us. We exist not just to provide financial protection to society, businesses and individuals, but to set an example of care and accountability within our communities. There are exciting things happening in insurance, and the wide variety of careers available – innovation, technology, data/analytics, actuarial – offers a compelling future for those who want to make a difference in an industry that plays a vital role in society.

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