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what is insurtech

What is Insurtech and Why Should Independent Agents Care? – ANR48

Venture capitalists invested over $1B into insurtech startups in the first 6 months of 2016 alone. That's a lot of cheddar. So, what is Insurtech? ... more
how to choose an agency management system

How to Choose an Agency Management System with Boyd McGehee – ANR47

Do you know how to choose an agency management system? In this episode of Agency Nation Radio, Ryan interviews Boyd McGehee on his 6 year journey choosing an AMS ... more
insurtech startups die

How InsurTech Startups Die – ANR46

What about the graveyard of Insurtech startups who trumpeted their role in the demise of the independent insurance agent, which now no longer exist? ... more
government affairs nathan riedel

Government Affairs: Unsung Heroes of the Independent Insurance Industry – ANR45

Independent insurance agents are able to operate with ease and effectiveness today because of the work done by our government affairs professionals ... more
selling small business insurance

When Selling Small Business Insurance Becomes a Battlefield – ANR44

The battle for the small business insurance market has begun. In this episode of Agency Nation Radio we examine what this means for independent agents ... more
secret to ranking in search engines

Nyssa Lieder, SEO Master Guru, on the Secret to Ranking in Search – ANR43

SEO is a set of technical best practices for delivering value to consumers via search engine. Nyssa Lieder explains how on Agency Nation Radio ... more
scavenger hunt buying insurance online

The Scavenger Hunt that is Buying Insurance Online – ANR42

Those that choose to educate insurance consumers will be the same who are found in the insurance buying scavenger hunt ... more
power 30 seconds

Improve Your Phone Skills through the Power of 30 Seconds – ANR41

We all take phone skills for granted. Phone skills are an enormous part of the insurance customer experience. That's where the Power of 30 Seconds comes in ... more
inbound marketing tactic

The Inbound Marketing Tactic Top Producers Don’t Want You to Know – ANR40

Subscribe on iTunesStitcher There is one inbound marketing tactic top producers are using to drive huge results day-in-day-out. How do we know? Because everyday the Client Success team at is interviewing our most successful clients to find out what ... more
safeco insurance advisor skill amazon alexa

Why Safeco Insurance Added an “Insurance Advisor” Skill to Amazon Alexa – ANR39

Safeco Insurance is stepping out in front of the insurance customer experience. In today's episode of Agency Nation Radio we're going by Sam Affolter ... more
derek hyde

Derek Hyde, CTO, on Solving the Small Problems – ANR38 is what it is today because of Derek's vision for a new business generating referral product that adds tangible value to insurance agents ... more
insurance podcast cage match

Insurance Podcast Cage Match: Three Hosts Break Down Current Trends in the Insurance Industry – ANR37

In this special episode of Agency Nation Radio, we step out of the normal format and invite two hosts, from different insurance podcasts to discuss ... more