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insurance customer experience

Insurance Customer Experience: Are We Simply Tilting at Windmills? – ANR36

In this episode of Agency Nation Radio, we discuss what the insurance customer experience looks like today and we should be going in the future ... more
uber to drive new business

How One Independent Agent is Using Uber to Drive New Business – ANR35

Sharon Robles, owner of the Sharon Robles Agency in Chicago, is an Uber driver. Talk about fully embracing the sharing economy ... more
insurance geeks

Why Us Insurance Geeks Need to Stick Together – ANR34

Nothing says insurance geek like reading deep dives on blockchain insurance risks while sipping a beer at the bar. Are you an insurance geek? ... more
opportunity online commercial insurance sales

Examining the Enormous Opportunity in Online Commercial Insurance Sales – ANR33

Don't think commercial insurance will be disrupted? Think again. Today on Agency Nation Radio, we break down new research from Morgan Stanley ... more
insurance brands

How Insurance Brands Recapture Consumer Attention – ANR32

Insurance brands are losing equity in the greater marketplace ... more
wine in a can teaches us about insurance marketing

What Wine in a Can Teaches Us About Insurance Marketing – ANR31

In this episode we explain what the Wine in a Can trend can teach insurance professionals about the Millennial generation and marketing insurance products ... more
differentiate insurance agency from competition

How to Differentiate Your Insurance Agency from the Competition – ANR30

Are all insurance agencies exactly the same? No. Why then does every agency look the same? How to differentiate you insurance agency from the competition ... more
relationships matter most for insurance buyer satisfaction

Why Relationships Matter Most for Insurance Buyer Satisfaction

The more you meet your customers on their level, the more responsive they are going to be to you as their insurance agent. Relationships matter ... more
usage-based insurance startups

Will Usage-based Insurance Startups Change the Industry Landscape? – ANR28

What will usage-based insurance startups mean for the independent insurance industry? Today, we answer this question ... more
human beings pick up the phone

Death to the Phone Tree: Why Human Beings Need to Start Answering the Phone – ANR27

In a digital age of immediate response and gratification, all your phone tree tells insurance buyers is that you’re too busy to help them ... more
When technology gets in the way of customer experience

When Technology Gets In the Way of Customer Experience – ANR26

We need unobtrusive technology that does not disrupt the customer experience for the sake of agent-side, "ease of business." ... more
silicon valley believes insurance brokerage is broken

Why Silicon Valley Believes the Insurance Brokerage is Broken

It’s insane to diminish the role agents play in the insurance buying experience ... more