Has this ever happened in your agency?

You assign someone a task to complete, in doing so you are very clear and detailed.

Your instructions include when you need it by and how to make it happen.

Inside you are doing back flips because you are a delegation super star, enacting all the great strategies you learned from the blogs, podcasts and books you have been absorbing.

Then the deadline comes and you are giddy with the idea that you empowered someone to help!

Only to find, wait it wasn’t done.

Maybe not even started.

The palm on face emoji is all you can see.


So you meet with the person to find out what happened.

There must be a logical reason, right?

You are all ears and then you hear the dreaded, “Well I was too busy.”

Too busy in an agency is a world class epidemic.

If you want more details feel free to watch our 3 Minute Video on Handling the Word Busy.

The first challenge is finding our whether it’s one person in an agency or the whole team.

Busy is not an excuse for not getting work done.

However, it’s used every single day in agencies.

We are all too busy to be talking about how busy we truly are.

What Do You Mean You’re Busy?

What does busy have to do with it?

It’s my feeling that when you start off the day saying how busy you are, you are starting off putting up defenses.

We all come to work with a full day’s worth of work to do.

Immediately when you say I’m so busy every defense goes up and we start our day off in a negative way.

Busy is such a relative term.

For me I fly across the country every week, own 3 businesses, manage a condo association and have 11 people reporting to me.

My mother is retired and she is always talking about how busy she is.

It has nothing to do with the quantity, it has to do with a feeling.

When we do training’s across the country, we often ask people if they are equally busy in their personal life?

The answer is “yes.” As a society we are very busy people.

There is always laundry that can be done, a home improvement project to finish and not to mention we never feel we spend enough time with family.

Use a Better Word

However, busy is not the best way to explain it.

Maybe we need to flip the thought to being productive not busy.

In the work place when people are too busy for renewal calls, account rounding and special projects you need to translate this to instead say it’s simply not their priority.

If everyone stopped using the busy excuse and instead told their boss it wasn’t their priority do you think things would change?

For many people they would rather crush a stack of paperwork or activities than sell something and venture outside of their comfort zone.

But there is a problem with that mentality.

It doesn’t work. All it does is widens a gap between leadership and the team member.

How to Beat Being Busy?

So how do you overcome the busy apocalypse in your agency?

Try banning the word busy.

Several agencies we work with have a busy swear job.

If you use the word busy you are contributing to the swear jar.

They have all found more positive replacement words.

Also, you as a leader can simply not allow busy to be an excuse in your business.

If you tolerate busy as a reason not to get things done you are fueling the problem.

Team members often learn (similar to children) how to get around a problem.

If you accept busy once, you will most certainly hear it again from others.

Remember What Busy Really Means

It means nothing.

It’s incredibly relative and in no way shape or form actually provides a solution.

If we are “too busy” there has to be ways to streamline processes, be better and work together in a more cohesive way.

If you fall into the “I’m too busy” mindset as a leader, remember it will wear off on your team.

As the owner you can never be too busy to tend to the business or your team members’ needs.

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