Are you tired of paying for leads?

I was. That’s why after three profitable years of paying for leads I quit.

With over $20,000 spent, I can confirm Google AdWords can make your agency money. We averaged $1.60 in commission for every $1.00 we spent with our friends at Google.

Why quit if it was profitable?

I had two main reasons for quitting:

First, AdWords requires constant monitoring to stay profitable. Tracking ROI weekly to maintain our 1.6 to 1.0 ratio, is not my idea of a good time.

But onto the real reason I quit.

I’m cheap.

Yeah, I said it, I am a cheapskate. Plus, the AdWords machine is never satisfied and always wants more of your money.

All that to say, pay per click advertising can be a quick and relatively easy way to get premium on the books.

But, I am proud to say as of March 2017 we quit our dependence on Google AdWords. I should also mention 2017 has been our best year EVER!

How did we quit paying for leads but have our best year ever?

Simple, creating content, aka Blogging and Videos.

By creating content for Google search, we were able to get even more traffic and leads than we ever did when we were paying for AdWords.

I started my content journey April 7th, 2016 with “Who are the best New York Contractors Liability Insurance Company of 2016?”

Huge thanks to the one and only Joey Giangola for the push.

Why did content push me to stop all PPC (Pay-Per-Click)?

First, my content started to gain traffic aka rank in google.

Ranking in google is not impossible for your agency. We are a small agency located an hour outside of NYC and we have been able to rank #1 for Contractors Insurance throughout the entire state of New York.

Now ranking for something like Auto Insurance, is probably not possible. But the internet is full of people searching, you just need to find something in your area that works.

Second, my content was creating more valuable leads. (This second part was totally my fault for focusing on cheap or price focused PPC keywords)

My content was focused on the best coverage and radically shifted the type of client I was attracting.

What’s my ROI on content creation?

Well that’s tougher to calculate since content is an ongoing journey and less granular than PPC. I started by creating all my content after normal business hours, so from a corporate level it is all positive ROI.

**Creating content during normal business hours is extremely difficult. Agencies have far too many distractions to keep you from writing.

While one article or blog post can be a home run, the key is consistently providing valuable content that Google can find and direct searchers to.

Once you get the first few policies bound, it becomes a lot easier to justify blocking out the time to create the content.

I can tell you that in 2017 I have written more premium and generated more commission from organic search than I did in three combined years of PPC.

If you are ready to walk away from the Google money pit keep reading.

Replace paid leads with organic

Here’s how you can start generating your own organic traffic with the simple steps below:

Step 1– Find a niche – make sure it’s one that can pay some bills.

Creating content for $500 Nail Salons is not going to be a good plan. is a great tool to figure out what people are searching for in your state. They give you 2 free searches a day, so use them wisely.

Step 2– Go read Joey’s guide to writing a blog post

Step 3 – Publish article

Step 4 – Publish another article

Step 5 – Publish another article

Step 6 – Aggressively wait for the phone to ring.

Step 7 – Get tracking – I use a variety of tools to track, but the primary tools are Google Analytics and CallRail to track conversions via phone call.

Bonus Step – Spend a few dollars a day on PPC to boost those new articles. Focused AdWords can help you get some traffic and leads. Be careful not to jump on the hamster wheel, but waiting months for that first lead can seem like forever without PPC.

Yes, I said months, creating content will be a long-term gain. (super targeted location and keywords related to your niche will cost anywhere from $4 to $12 per click, skip the trip to Starbucks and get your agency to buy in for $5 a day. With $10- $15 a day you can get the ball rolling)

Bottom Line

Getting started is easy and inexpensive, but being patient and waiting for the leads to start coming, not so much.

With that said, the end result is absolutely worth it.

If you are ready to get the content train rolling wake up early tomorrow or go to bed late tonight and get something published.

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