Replace Your Boring PDF Proposals With This

This sprint shows you how to script, how to record and how to track video proposals that will help you boost those close ratios. Differentiate yourself in your prospect's inbox today!
35 min

Why should I create a Video Proposal?

First things first, what is a video proposal?

A video proposal is a 5 to 10 minute video of you explaining your prospect’s quote or quotes.

There are 3 reasons you should consider doing video proposals:


  • Recreate an impactful in-person experience


It would be SO much better if you could sit across from them and walk them through WHY and HOW your product is 10x better than what they currently have.

So much better.

But who has the time to meet in person before buying a product nowadays?!

(You’d basically be asking for their first-born child.)

Your video recreates this impactful in-person experience.

Maybe not perfectly, but it does a heck of a better job than that PDF you’re sending right now.

When people get to see and hear you, they form a deeper connection.


  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors


If your competitors are still sending out PDF quotes. You will DEFINITELY stand out in someone’s inbox.


  • Make it a Value-Based conversation, not Price-Based


Every prospect is different, but they’re also all the same.

As soon as they get that PDF quote, they scroll all the way down to the bottom and look at what?


And that’s what they base their decision off of.

Video proposals force a Value-Based conversation because you take the time to walk through the benefits of each quote.

And then the price.


  • Discover how interested your prospect is


Video proposal tools allow you to see all kinds of engagement analytics like how many times your prospect watched the video, when they watched it and what parts were most important to them.

This gives you insight into how interested your prospect is.

What do I say in my Video Proposal?

Ideally, you don’t want this video to come off overly-scripted.

It should be more casual and laid-back.

Having said that, if you’re super nervous about being on camera, I get it.

Try writing out a script.

You can download the “Sample Video Proposal Script” above for inspiration.

When you’re done writing your own, read it out loud to yourself.

This is the part most people forget about scripting and it really is such a bummer.

Reading that script aloud is a game-changer because you’ll realize that you speak a little differently than you write.

So make changes accordingly.

Then throw it up right in back of your computer when you record your video.

Tape it on a wall, tape it to a book or prop it up on a crockpot.


How to create your Video Proposal

There are 4 steps to recording your video proposal:

  1. Choose a video proposal recording tool
  2. Find good lighting
  3. Find a quiet place (or headphones)
  4. Optimize your email

1. Choose a video proposal recording tool

If you are on a super low budget, I’d recommend a tool from the Pinto category.

If you can spend a little extra dough, I’d recommend a tool from the Cadillac category.

*picture of pinto vs cadillac

Below, we’ll walk through how to use the Pinto tools.

Here’s how to use BombBomb:


Here’s how to use VidYard:


Here’s how to use Loom:


Here’s how to use Wistia Soapbox:


2. Find good lighting

Find a window to sit in front of for the best lighting.

Or purchase a Mini Ring Light and attach it to your laptop if you’re in a darker room with no access to natural light.

3. Find a quiet place

There’s one simple truth about video and that’s this”¦

”¦if a video has terrible lighting, it’s salvageable.

”¦if a video has terrible audio, it’s a gone-rrrrrr.

Think about it.

The frustration of looking at a blurry or dark image is NOTHING compared to the excruciating PAIN of listening to terrible audio.

If you can’t find a quiet place, at least plug in a pair of headphones for better audio!

Now, hit record dang it!!

4. Optimize your email

So, your video is sitting on a private landing page somewhere on the internet like this

Now, you have to send it to your prospect!


DO NOT copy and paste that link into your email like this”¦.

Do this”¦..


See how much more appealing that is?

Who DOESN’T want to hit a big play button with a smiling face underneath it???

Some recording tools allow you to choose a cover photo:

And put a link at the end of your videos:



You’re all set!

Ship that email off and”¦.wait for your prospect to hopefully get back to you?

How to track your Video Proposal

The most amazing thing about video proposals (besides the fact that you get to make that amazing human connection without ever meeting your prospect) is this:


Literally, you get to see inside your prospect’s head.

There are 3 questions I always ask myself after I’ve sent out a video proposal.

  1. When has my prospect watched the video?
  2. How many times has my prospect watched the video?
  3. What is my prospect most interested in?

1. When has my prospect watched the video?

For the most part, it’s incredibly helpful to know when someone has viewed your info so you can follow-up in a timely manner AND so you don’t contact them before they’ve watched it so you don’t come off too pushy.

2. How many times has my prospect watched the video?

Being able to see how many times someone has watched your video helps you gauge their interest level big time.

The people who have watched my videos lots of times are the first people I get in touch with.

3. What is my prospect most interested in?

Wistia allows you to see what someone is re-watching ”“ so you can mention it to them next time you talk. 😉

Here’s what I mean”¦

What’s next?

If you’ve already created your first video proposal, email it to me here AND post it in the community here.

If you’re thinking, “But I don’t want anyone to see my first video!”

Stop right there.

There are SO many people who are still 3 steps behind you!

You posting your first video will give them the courage to make theirs.

Plus, there is always room to grow. Even for me!

Feedback is a good thing and the people in our community are all here to elevate each other through collaboration.

Let go of that ego and post away!