Resourceful Agents Need the Right Resources at the Right Time

It’s a complex world, especially for those trying to protect it.

For middle market agents offering commercial lines coverage in support of today’s businesses, every day is a new challenge. It could be a cyber threat, an active shooter situation or a global pandemic, to name only a few. Commercial lines agents must be nimble, responsive and, perhaps most of all, ready for anything.

As always, knowledge is power. But the amount of information needed is just too much for any one person to retain. That’s why many carriers who offer business solutions are developing ways to make information easier for agents to find, access and use.

At Nationwide, we’ve recently developed the Commercial Insight Center℠ as a single resource for agents who need access to timely, relevant and concise content about middle market insurance trends (please keep in mind this site is best viewed in Chrome, Firefox or Safari).

Based on recent research conducted directly with independent agents — including focus groups and in-depth one-on-one interviews — we discovered several key insights that power the Commercial Insight Center, including:

  • easy access to searchable information, when and where you need it
  • graphical descriptions and sound bites that make it easier for you to tell a story to your customers
  • third-party insights to round out perspectives on an industry, such as construction, specialty care or general industries like manufacturing
  • actionable take-aways and relevant solutions

We kept all these insights in mind as we developed the Commercial Insight Center and will continue to refine it as those insights evolve over time. We will also continue to seek out your input, so it continues to be a valuable resource to you. I would encourage you to take a look at the website and share your feedback with us as it grows. We want it to be your go-to resource and a valuable asset as you support your existing customers and find new ones. The site is available to any insurance professional, regardless of whether you’re currently a Nationwide partner or not.

We believe our industry expertise and risk management capabilities, together with your relationship building and consultative skills, will help your customers know they’re well protected, regardless of what comes next.


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