Running Your First Facebook Ad

This sprint shows you how to create your first Facebook audience with your new pixel AND shows you how setup your first Facebook ad.
60 min

Included in this training:

Creating Your First Audience

Now that you know why building an audience is so important.

And how it fits into your larger marketing strategy.

It’s time to take action.

The goal of this sprint is two fold: create your first audience AND get comfortable inside the Ads Manager.

So first off, let’s leverage all that juicy Pixel data you’ve been collecting and push it into a new audience.

Running Your First Ad

Now that you’ve got your audience setup, we can create your first ad!

There are 3 steps:

Step One: Choose an objective

What do you want to accomplish with this ad? 

Step Two: Choose an audience

Who do you want to see your ad? Hint: New pixel audience!!

Step Three: Create the media that will stop a FB user in their tracks

What are you telling people that will grab their attention and cause them to take action.

Here’s a quick visual walkthrough of what setup looks like. If you want an explanation of each section, check out the main video above.


Next week, we’ll walk-through building out some insurance-specific Facebook campaigns using all the tools you’ve just seen.

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