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scavenger hunt buying insurance online

“The path to purchase, from start to finish, is rarely linear – it’s more akin to a scavenger hunt.”

This quote begins a recent Think with Google report and serves as the main topic of this episode of Agency Nation Radio.

Marketing would be easy, if everything we did was one click to purchase. We’d know exactly what worked and what didn’t and all we’d need to do was throw money at the stuff that works.

Unfortunately, we’re marketing to humans.

The path to purchase is rarely linear, because humans rarely do anything in a linear path.

This is why there no one “Secret Strategy” to success marketing your agency online. This is why we created our flagship course in Agency Nation University, Zero to Sales, with a robust community, the target is constantly moving.

In the Think with Google article, there are 7 strategies for capturing consumers in their non-linear journey:

  1. Location and convenience
  2. Count on an informed consumer
  3. Expect that search will lead to discovery
  4. Think about complementary categories
  5. Prepare for the unexpected
  6. Don’t underestimate the power of reviews
  7. Remember the world is mobile-first

There are two themes running through all these strategies:

  • Creation
  • Serendipity

We must create content with educates, entertains and inspires our audience in their moment of need. We must also believe in the serendipity of the web.

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Here is one example of the non-linear customer buying journey outlined in the Think with Google article.

non-linear buying journey

Insurance consumers are going to educate themselves before they purchase.

The question, will it be you that educates them, or your competition.

Those that choose to educate insurance consumers will be the same who are found in the insurance buying scavenger hunt.

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

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