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selling small business insurance

The battle for the small business insurance market has begun.

Last week Allstate announced a new online resource which allows small businesses to get a quote for BOP business in under 5 minutes (read about it here).

Allstate may actually become a player in the small business insurance game. They have the budget to attract real attention to this product.

We can no longer hide from the Internet by hunkering down on commercial lines.

This announcement from Allstate comes on the heels of Coverhound taking over $30M from investors (including ACE) to build out a commercial lines product. Additionally, insurtech startups like Embroker and CoverWallet feel they can remove agents and brokers all together from the commercial lines buying process.

In this episode of Agency Nation Radio, Marty and I, examine the small business insurance market as the battlefield it has become.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]It’s time for independent agents to take the fight back to those who would try to put us out of business.[/tweet_box]

Step number one, we must acknowledge that the threat is real, because it is.

Will there ever be a world where insurance agents and brokers don’t exist?

Maybe not.

The question is, will your agency exist?

It’s time to pick our chin up, get pissed and reinvest ourselves and our business in modern marketplace marketing methodology and customer experience.

Let’s get to work.

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

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