How to Promote your Insurance Agency with a Good Brand Story

by | Jan 25, 2019


What is a brand story, exactly?

It’s what you say about your agency, from your website copy to what your customer service team says to your customers to what you post on social media, and anything in between.

So, how do you know if your insurance agency’s brand story is a good one?


The most compelling brand story is never just about you, your history, your services …

… it’s about what your story has to do with your customer.

^^Say what? (Anyone else smell torch fire?)

Because consumers make buying decisions based on emotions rather than attributes, such as being trustworthy or reliable, you can’t just tell your customers what you stand for, you have to show them.



A good brand story is built around storytelling.

People love stories because they appeal to the emotional, decision-making bits of our minds. It’s easy to identify with and repeat a good story, right?

To bridge that concept to marketing, Story Brand offers a blueprint for how to clarify your brand messaging to engage insurance customers by taking a page out of a screenwriter’s playbook.

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Like the arc of a page-turning novel or action film, a good story always has a hero (in this case, your ideal insurance client), that has a struggle (looking for someone who can help them…feel secure/understand their risk/save them money/feel confident, etc.) and delivers a happy-ending (how and why you’re the right agent to help solve your hero’s struggle.)

In short, a good story has to have characters you care about and spark emotion. So, I look took a look around the web to find insurance agencies doing this well…and what better way to show you how than with a little show and tell.

Let’s break it down. 



A good brand story sparks emotion.

So exactly how do you spark emotion in your brand story?

One place you’re likely already be sharing a story is on your website’s About Us and Facebook page.

Like Grand Central Station, both are highly visible places insurance prospects land to snoop around, sizing you up to see if you look legit. If you feel like their ‘type.’

To spark emotion with online visitors, Milwaukee-based HNI Insurance features a variety of storytelling videos on their website.

Specifically, their home pages’ About Us talks to a very specific hero, which they describe as “ambitious leaders who want to break free from insurance dependency and boost performance.”

From that website copy, I know that if I’m a business decision maker, I’m in the right place.

And if that’s me (hero), by the time I’m done reading their story and how it delivers a unique approach to managing my risk (solution to my problem), I’m already sold on their expertise…and reaching for my phone or keyboard to connect.

That’s how you spark emotion. And how emotion drives action. 



A good brand story feels relatable.

One simple way to make your brand feel more human is to act more…human.

Pinnacle Insurance of Minnesota’s website features real ‘rockstars’ on their website, aka the real people who help protect their hero.

Their website copy is bursting with real-people personality. When you scroll over each image of their staff, it reveals a surprise picture (I mean, that’s a gorilla on Al’s shoulder💙) and a short blurb about their role and who they are—in and outside of agency life.

Doesn’t the Pinnacle rockstar team look like they could be your neighbors, friends, family? What insurance hero wouldn’t feel comfortable placing his or her trust in them?

And speaking of relatable, check out California-based WHINS Agency.

Are these people selling insurance…or the promise of a welcoming and friendly experience?

One glance at the image welcoming visitors on their home page makes their hero think, “Wow, they seem so approachable. And if they’re this excited about making me feel welcome, they must really LOVE it too.”

A picture can be worth a thousand words. This team photo is relatable and sparks positive emotion…one that encourages new prospects to stick around and learn more about their story.


A good story can let your hero tell the story.

As someone who lives and dies on referrals, the value of getting and sharing your hero stories isn’t a news flash.

Integrity Insurance Services’ shares reviews front and center on its home page, giving their hero a heroes welcoming committee. 



Getting to the heart of your story

Does building a thoughtful brand based on storytelling take time and effort? Yes.

It it worth it? Considering conformity (saying the same thing everyone else is saying) feels hollow on the inside, investing time in developing and sharing your story is wise.

Regardless of how you go about it, whether using the Story Brand approach, learning how to tell your own stories, or finding a writing ninja to help refine and share your stories, it will do wonders to differentiate you as a standout and build an emotional affinity with your brand.

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