More social media clients reviews leads to more new business revenue.

That’s according to Bazaarvoice and their newly released report titled The Conversion Index (Click here to download the full report).

We’ve previously discussed the importance of client reviews to Local SEO, but in the Bazaarvoice study we learn that client reviews increase ROI (return on investment) as well.

Social Media Client Reviews

There are three major takeaways about social media client reviews from this new report:

1) Sharing client content (reviews) across social media channels increases total reviews.

Use a tool like Canva to create simple graphics containing client reviews. You can then create blog posts, Facebook posts, Google+ posts, etc. containing the graphic. Not only does this attract positive attention to your insurance agency, but it also helps create a culture of clients sharing their experience with your agency.

The result is a greater number of client reviews.

2) More social media client reviews yield three types of ROI.

According to Bazaarvoice, more client reviews yield three types of ROI: Conversions, SEO and Product Insights.

As you can see in the infographic below, lead conversion increases starting with the first client review. This is the idea of social proof. If other people are happy with their experience using your agency, then we believe our experience will be pleasant as well.

As social media client reviews grow, so do subsequent ROI types of SEO and product insights. As we mentioned in our Local SEO webinar (available for free to Pathfinder Content Library members), client reviews have an indirect yet powerful impact on search engine optimization.

We also gain valuable insight into the quality of our service through client reviews. There are times when someone will give your agency a low review because they’re a jerk. But most of the time its because there is something wrong with your process. Use low reviews as a indicator of things that need to change.

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3) Authenticated client reviews hold more value.

Using client review services like Google Reviews and/or Yelp can be frustrating, but as Bazaarvoice found in their study, these “authentic” reviews garner much higher results in term of action taken.

If potential clients believe that we are somehow “rigging” the client reviews or only showing positive client reviews, then social proof can actually work against us.

This is why using client review verification services like Google Reviews is so powerful. Potential clients trust that Google is weeding out any reviews that aren’t legitimate.

Why More Reviews Mean More ROI [Infographic]

Social Media Client Reviews

The Rub

Collecting social media client reviews must become a habit.

We ask for referrals every single day. We’ve made it a natural part of the insurance sale. In the age of digital business, asking for client reviews is just as important.

Thank you and good luck,

Ryan Hanley

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