There’s a certain level of information responsibility you have to be accountable for.

Yesterday was more or less a recovery day from the holiday on-goings, with the main activity focused on watching the Buckeyes bring home a win against the team up north. Today we’re heading up to Cleveland for a train ride thing with Santa.

Chances are if you spend any significant amount of time around the Agency Nation community, you probably meet this quota.

However, I was watching an episode of Daily Vee this week, which I probably do too much of.

Quick side note in my defense: I feel the more high quality content (from a handful of YouTubers) I allow to float around my brain the more likely it will be impact what I’m able to create.

Either way, in this episode Gray was talking about if you’re still in the game, someone is always trying to put you out of business.

If you haven’t dedicated yourself (see time) to learning the tactics and skills necessary to prevent that from happening in a rapidly approaching 2018 world, then you deserve to lose.

I mean, that seems pretty rational, right?

The only person that can fix your problems, is you.

It’s not up to that agent you think you can’t find to do it.

Or the person you think is already underachieving in your agency.

Which may or may not be true. It still doesn’t solve your problem.

Regardless of your age or current skillset/interests, as long as you have more days in front of you in this business, you should know more than most how to execute those things (at a high level) in your agency.

If not, you’ve just raised a pretty decent sized vulnerability flag. One that probably should be counting down the days until you aren’t in business.

Alright, fine. I’ll ease up a little as it was getting a little too dark out on this Sunday morning.

Now, this obviously shouldn’t be mistaken for having or needing to know EVERYthing, that could keep you agency successfully viable for a couple more decades.

Instead, it’s to suggest that you invest the time to figure out which ones are and will give you the best chance to stick around.

I’m personally going to be taking a dose of this medicine and probably spending more time figuring out Facebook advertising.

While it doesn’t come naturally to me, it’s probably a marketing vitamin I’ve avoided from taking for too long.

For all you fellow Gary Vee die hards out there, you might be thinking this sounds increasingly hypocritical of Gary’s larger thesis of double (even tripling) down on your strengths and forgetting your weaknesses.

Alright, there is definitely a time travel level paradox that can occur when having this conversation.

The best I can do for you there is, if your strength was buying Yellow Page ads, then you just might need to be prepared to live on what that gets you.

The viability of that strength has to also be questioned and cross referenced if its worth enhancing.

See you out there and enjoy your Sunday.


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