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You just can’t make this stuff up.

How to stand out on twitterHowdy!

As wonderful as the internet is, there are all sorts of bad actors out there, and just to prove my point, I refer you to Exhibit A, a tweet that I found. And for those of you who might be twitter newbies, we’ll have a quick overview of twitter as a communication medium.

FreeShippingTweetOne of the ways that frequent twitter users stay up on the news, or flag their posts to be easily found by somebody who might be interested in the topic, is to start the word off with a #, which some recognize as a “pound sign,” but that is commonly referred to in twitter speak as a “hash tag.”

If I want to stay up on all the latest information about a breaking topic, say hurricane Adam, I can search all tweets for #hurricane or #Adam, and I will get all messages from all sorts of posters. Some might be worthless, but I also might get a post from NOAA or Hurricane Central that will keep me updated on the important aspects of the storm in real time.

In the image above, you can see that the post in the middle has a number of hash tags, namely #antique, #auto, and #insurance. At the top of the image, you can see that I was searching for posts on #insurance, and this one got pulled into my feed.

The writer wants us to know that the topic of the tweet is antique, auto and insurance.  The message is “Find discount antique auto insurance.” No problem there, as there are a number of agencies and carriers who write specialized policies for the unique exposures represented by antique cars.

It was the next bit that really raised my curiosity level, however. Appended to the straight-forward message was this little dittie: “and Free Shipping at …” Now that didn’t sound right to an insurance guy, but hey, I’m nothing if not curious and by the way, as an insurance and digital marketing geek, I figured that I should do a bit of investigating.

How to Stand Out on Twitter

This is a picture of the destination of the link:


Note that they aren’t selling auto insurance, antique or otherwise. But I could get a nice waffle maker.

Why does this matter? To some extent, digital marketing is the modern equivalent of the Wild West, and there are lots of losers like this who are scamming the system.  The good news is that, if clowns like this are doing such a bad job, it isn’t that tough for a professional who knows a bit about digital marketing to come off as above-board and a reputable source for coverage, and get some great customers by being genuine, helpful, and above all, a good source of unbiased insurance knowledge.

We hope to be the same for you, our initial pathfinders. We hope that you will turn to us when you need some unbiased digital marketing and sales automation information. We built this resource for you, and we hope you find it valuable.

Good Selling,

Marty Agather

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