Because you’re never going to run out.

Yesterday was my nieces birthday party and today we’re swinging downtown for an over priced visit with Santa before Christmas Eve festivities commence at my Grandma’s house.

You don’t have a certain number of tries.

You don’t have to make one thing work for every single person you ever hope to do business with, ever.

You don’t have to worry about shipping too much of it (hint: it’s free).

You don’t have to worry about all the people that won’t read, watch or listen to it.

You don’t have to treat it like your playing the original Super Mario Bros. on NES with only three lives and no continue or save button.

The only thing you have to do is create.

Over and over again.

You do have to do it as many times as you can for as many of people as you want.

You do have to do it specifically.

You do have to do it intentionally.

You do have to do it when you’re not sure.

You do have to do it when you are.

And you most certainly have to do it after it starts working.

There’s this unspoken fear of creating too much of it.

The only thing you should be afraid of is having enough good ideas to create.

I took a field trip this week to visit a pretty cool agency, The O’Neill Group, in my neck of the woods.

During my visit I was talking with my friend Dani Kimble about a specific article she was writing focused on product recall insurance.

It felt a little too general and I pushed her to narrow it further.

We added one word to the title, “Food,” and things got much more interesting.

That’s when Dani asked if we were “limiting her audience?”


We just made it 10 times easier for those food manufactures to know Dani was talking to them.

The cool part is, that’s just the beginning.

Because Dani can (and should) also write.

“Everything You Need to Know About Food Recall Insurance in Ohio”

“The Top 5 Things That Determine the Cost of Your Companies Food Recall Insurance in Ohio”

“Why Your Ohio Food Recall Insurance Rates Increase Every Year”

“Why Your Company Needs Food Recall Insurance in Ohio”

“The Most Important Coverage to Have with Your Food Recall Insurance in Ohio”

And anything else that’s important in the process of buying a food recall policy for a company.

If you want to widen that audience, do the same thing for every variation in the recall niche.

That’s a specifically wide audience that knows you’re talking directly to them and covers their problem better than anyone else could ever hope to.

I just thought of five examples and I barely knew what a food recall policy was three days ago.

Dani and the team at The O’Neill Group probably know 20-30 more important topics to cover about it.

They could talk about food recall insurance for an entire year and just get close to covering everything someone needs to know about buying a policy.

Then it’s on to auto recalls.

Within two subsets of the recall niche, there’s probably 100 different pieces of content you can create.

Even then, you’re still not close to being done.

That just got you through two years of your content creating career.

Because it never stops as long as you don’t let it.

See you out there and enjoy your Merry Christmas Eve Sunday.


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