Step-By-Step Guide to Dominating Google Search

This isn't just any digital marketing course; this is an insurance-specific SEO strategy we've experimented with and perfected over the last 3 years. Consistently implementing it is how we grew from 0 to 500,000 insurance shoppers a month.
123 min

Lesson 1: Why Google Search?

Lesson 2: They know you, but you don’t know them

Lesson 3: Inside the Mind of a Searching Consumer

Lesson 4: How to Measure the Invisible

Lesson 5: WTH is SEO?

Lesson 6: Find Your Keyword’s Search Volume

Lesson 7: Always Do This Before Writing Your Post

Lesson 8: The Perfect Post Structure

Lesson 9: What Every Piece of Content Should Include

Lesson 10: Why Headlines Matter

Lesson 11: The Call-to-Action They Can’t Help But Click

Lesson 12: 3 Topics Every Insurance Consumer Searches

Lesson 13: Ryan Hanley’s Live Blog Post Breakdown

Lesson 14: Do These 10 Things Now to Help Your Post Rank

Lesson 15: The 3 Most Important “Look Alive” Factors

Lesson 16: Ask Yourself: “Do Consumers Like My Post?”

Lesson 17: Get Comfortable with Google Analytics