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Do you remember having show and tell when you were in kindergarten? Since I have a kindergarten student right now, let me remind you.  

You would bring in a shiny rock, doll, or G.I. Joe and tell your class about what it was, what it did, and why you liked it.  You got to “show off” your cool stuff in front of your cute little peers.  

As a kid, show and tell allowed children to get comfortable speaking in front of others and brag about the cool stuff they had. Not a bad idea for a 6-year old, but what about grown adults?

Insurance producers love to play show and tell.

In fact most agents play show and tell every day when they talk with their prospects.  Here’s what they say:

  • I would like to tell you about our company.
  • Let me show you why our agency is respected.
  • I want to explain to you why this coverage is important.
  • Allow me to demonstrate to you how we are different.
  • This is why we are so competitive.

Agents like to show prospects all their cool stuff and tell them how great they are.  While that may true, it doesn’t address the most important issue.

Prospects don’t care about your stuff or how great you claim to be.

Prospects and clients only care about how you can help them. Period.

My philosophy is that instead of playing show and tell with prospects, you should play give, then sell.

What is give, then sell you ask?

It’s simple.

Give, then sell is all about providing repeated value (often times for free) to your prospects and customers.

When you give value, followed by more value, and then add a little sprinkle of value on top, consumers suddenly have an urge to buy from you.

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Prospects don’t want to be dazzled. They just want you to help them.


How to give and sell.

If you don’t focus on talking about yourself, your agency, or how great your coverages are, how can you give value?

What can you give to your prospects in the form information and services they desire?

Here are some simple ideas you can start implementing today.

  1. Send a weekly email newsletter with valuable information to help them profit.
  2. Start a blog and write posts that make you human and helps your audience win.
  3. Speak at industry trade shows and to local organizations, not about your products or services directly, but about outcomes that will provide a direct benefit to your audience.
  4. Post value messages on social media, not a sales message.
  5. Always think in terms of your prospects and customers. What do they want? What do the need? How can you help?

Take a moment right now and write down all the ways your customer produces benefits or profits from your product or service.  Not what you products and services you provide, but the positive outcomes. Just a bunch of bullet points will work. You may find some of these bullet points scattered throughout your agency brochure or sales presentation.

After you have a list of specific outcomes your client benefits from your services, then start thinking of ways you can deliver this value to your prospects and clients consistently.

Also, make certain that these value and profit points are added into any request for proposal bid that your customer may have. This means that your competition will have to prove their value at the same time they’re trying to figure out how much to cut their price.

The idea of giving “free” value first to your prospects is a major mind shift for most insurance agents.

Agents have been trained for years to get an ex-date, get an appointment, find the pain, propose solutions, and close the sale.  Rarely, do I hear anything mentioned about giving value first.  

Remember, it’s not about showing and telling your prospects what it is you do, it’s giving value first, then allowing them to make a smart buying decision in favor of you.  

If you want to provide real value, it’s no longer about showing and telling, it’s all about giving first, then selling.

Brent Kelly is the co-founder and CEO of BizzGrizz.  He helps agents stand up, stand tall, and stand out.


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