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strategic insurance branding

There is a big difference between tactical and strategic insurance branding.

The importance of brand gets a lot of recognition these days, but much of the effort around building and maintaining a company’s brand is disjointed and ad hoc.

Too many times, the effort is left to the marketing team, and not embraced by senior leadership.

Peter van Aartrijk Chromium

Peter van Aartrijk

In this Agency Nation Radio episode, Marty interviews Peter van Aartrijk and Tony Wessling, the founders of CHROMIUM, a brand consultancy.

They have a unique perspective on this problem. As they both readily admit, they each ran a ‘tactical’ branding agency prior to forming CHROMIUM a strategic branding firm.

So what is the difference between a tactical and strategic insurance branding?

Often, development of brand is left to the marketing department. They convene a task force, and after a session or two of brainstorming, come up with a brand, a mission statement and / or a vision.

Meanwhile, the human resource department works to build a culture within the company by organizing team building events and hanging inspirational posters.

The the problems of these two disparate approaches to creating a focus for the organization are often compounded when senior management doesn’t take ownership. And pretty soon the brand and culture sit on dust covered shelf.

“Branding? Yeah, we tried that once. It didn’t work out so well.”

Compare and contrast that with a brand and culture that is designed from the ground up.

Tony Wessling Chromium

Tony Wessling

A strategic brand speaks to both the internal employees of the organization as well as customers. It is aspirational and creates the guiding principles for the organization and it’s employees.

Peter describes the the interplay of brand and culture as the two sides infinity symbol, and where the brand and culture meet in the middle are the core values of the organization.

Listen in as Tony and Peter describe their methodology in creating what they call vivid, shining brands, those brands that create a guiding light for the organization.

Their process builds on a skeleton of components that ultimately turn into that strategic combination of brand and culture.

That combination revolutionizes how an organization is perceived in the marketplace by customers and prospects but equally importantly how the employees work together to achieve results for their customers.

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