SumoMe is a simple tool for improving your agency website customer experience.

Here is a quick case study on the Agency Nation articles page describing the thought process behind using SumoMe to make educated decisions on website design.

I am NOT a website design expert so (free) tools like SumoMe provide extremely value insight into what my visitors are doing.

More importantly this tool (and other heat map tools) show you what your visitors find and take action on.

The video above provides a walk-through of the information SumoMe provides and conclusions we’re able to make from the results.

Ultimately tools like SumoMe are meant to help businesses provide their website visitors with an improved customer experience.

Are you regularly testing your website to improve customer experience?

Video Transcription:

My name is Ryan Hanley, I’m head of marketing for, and the managing editor of Agency Nation.

Today’s tip is going to actually, we’re not going to talk about the Agency Nation site, but a tool we’re using there to help create a better experience for the people who visit our digital publication. The name of that tool is SumoMe, so S-U-M-O-M-E, SumoMe.

It’s a simple plugin you can add into your WordPress site. It’s actually just a piece of code that you can add to any site. So it doesn’t have to be a WordPress site, and it’s free.

And what it does is it creates this little box over here on the right that only you can see as the owner of the site, so none of your visitors can actually see this box. But it gives you two unique features. One is a heat map feature which you can see on the screen now, which allows us to get a glimpse at how far down the page the people who visit actually travel.

So what this is saying, is that right here you can see right in the middle of the screen, the average visitor to this page scrolls down to the third blog post. That’s pretty far, so someone who comes to our articles page, the page that has all our articles, which is kind of the first stop before you dig into a specific blog post, actually travels pretty far down the page.

That’s a pretty good sign. That means that the people are interested in the content.

That tool is particularly useful for home pages or landing pages, so you can see if people are actually seeing your call to action. I know many of you watching this as insurance agents just from knowing our industry, love to clutter up the homepage with as much information as you possibly can.

The most effective home pages are often the simplest, and these are the tools that are going to help you make those decisions. So what I found particularly interesting was the Click Map. So again, completely free tool, this is categorizing or has cataloged 604 people who have clicked on this page.

So that’s quite a few clicks. This is a decent amount of data. And what it’s showing is that most people who hit this page are clicking on the menu items. That would be expected. Those are calls to action at the top, so this is write for us, get referrals if you want to become an advantage agent, you see a lot of people clicking on that, contact us, subscribe, and articles.

So people are navigating further into the site. That’s a good sign. We can see a lot of people over here on the right are clicking to subscribe to updates.

People are looking for referrals, and as you scroll down you can see people are searching for articles. Great. People are clicking on the articles that are in the main list here, and a lot of people are clicking on the categories pages.

One thing I found very interesting is as you continue to scroll down, visitors are not necessarily clicking on these kind of past posts.

You see one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, you know I’m counting the number of dots. We’re looking at here maybe a dozen, maybe a dozen clicks out of 604 clicks categorized for this page. So that tells me that really all those kind of most recent posts are doing is cluttering up the page, and distracting people from what we ultimately want them to do which is actually read and consume the articles. So as soon as I’m done with this video, I’m going to remove that feature, and I’m going to reset the stats for this page, and start a new test, and get a feel for how people interact with the page when those are gone.

I have a feeling that most people will not even miss them or recognize that they’re there. Considering that it’s just extra clutter on the right hand side of the sidebar, it’ll probably make the viewing and reading experience of Agency Nation better for everyone who comes and visits.

Again, this is a free tool. This is something that you put on your own website. You can run simple, free tests like this to find out where people are clicking, and make educated decisions, good business intelligence decisions on how to properly optimize your site, so that people take the actions that you want them to take.

My name is Ryan Hanley. I appreciate for watching these. If you like this video, if you found this content, make sure you like the video, share it with your audience. And if you aren’t following this page or are a member of Agency Nation, make sure you come by and subscribe, and get more great content like what you’re listening to right now. Thank you everyone, and have an absolutely fantastic day.

The Rub

There are many click tracking and heat mapping tools on the marketing. I like SumoMe because its free and incredibly easy to use.

Regardless of the tool, we must always be focused on improving the online customer experience we provide visitors.

Thank you and good luck,

Ryan Hanley

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