The Local SEO Gold Rush Nobody is Talking About

As a digital marketing agency owner, I can honestly tell you that SEO is still alive and well. In fact, there’s an opportunity in local SEO right now that I don’t feel enough people are taking advantage of. That opportunity is geo-targeted landing pages. 

What are Geo-Targeted Landing Pages?

The concept of geo-targeted landing pages is pretty straightforward. As the name suggests, these pages live on your website, and are built around a location-specific keyword or phrase. For example, rather than just targeting cheap health insurance, you would create a landing page on your website targeting cheap health insurance + location.

Typically, the location qualifier is for a state or city. However, for the best and quickest results, I highly recommend starting with city specific pages. If you focus on health insurance, your target keyword or phrase may look something like cheap health insurance San Antonio

Why They Work

 I first fell in love with geo-targeted landing pages when I was building out my own agency website. The reason being, I knew that I needed some quick wins in terms of rankings and lead generation. Rather than go after highly competitive marketing keywords, I decided to maximize my efforts by targeting local business owners looking for marketing services in my area. 

Within just over a month, I started seeing my rankings climb and began seeing results. The same thing happened when I started publishing these pages for clients. So, why do these pages work so well? 

Keyword Specific 

To start, geo-targeted landing pages allow you to build your entire structure around a singular keyword or phrase. The problem many people face with their SEO campaigns is that they rely on a single page to target a primary keyword, and all related keywords. As a general rule of thumb, you should target one keyword per page. That way, you can place that exact keyword in all of the most important locations on your page. 

The end result? A landing page that is fully optimized for the location you are targeting. At the end of the day, a geo-targeted page will always outperform a generic landing page. 

Less Competition

Another reason geo-targeted landing pages are successful is because of the reduced competition. Most major brands and companies are spending their time and resources going after the big money keywords. With a national campaign of that magnitude, it just doesn’t make sense to go after small market rankings. Which is good news for you. 

When you target location specific keywords, you’re also reducing the quality of the competition you’ll face. With well constructed and well thought out geo-targeted pages, you’ll start driving in highly relevant traffic and dominate your area.

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