The Many Benefits of Developing an Online Presence For Your Agency

You’re ready to start your business as an independent agent. Now, you’re thinking about what marketing channels you should use to promote it and connect with your potential customers. This is also the time when you’ll likely start questions, including a crucial one such as “does your business as an independent agent need to establish an online presence?” “Do you need a website to promote yourself as an agent?” The resounding answer to this is yes! Otherwise, you would lose out on a lot of potential customers and cost-efficient marketing opportunities.

Benefits of Establishing an Online Presence

Many people now go online to learn more about the product or service that they need and find where they can possibly get it. Being online means being visible to these customers and making it easier for them to find you. You should only be Google away from your prospects. If you’re selling flowers in Washington, for instance, they should only need to look for “flowers in Washington” to find you. If they browse your website and are satisfied with what they see, you’ve gotten yourself a customer!

Being online also comes with other benefits. You can easily showcase what you have to offer, be it through a website, where you can post all your products or services and your existing clients’ testimonials, or a Facebook page, where you can announce new products and promotions. With only a few clicks, your potential customers will know so much more about you and your products, not to mention help you build a relationship with them. This allows you to get to know them better and vice versa, helping you become more intuitive as to what your customers need and how to cater to those needs.

If you’re already online, you can find a lot of cost-effective means to market your business. You can use your website to show the world the kind of business that you do and how your products can help your potential customers. It’s even available 24/7, way beyond business hours. It also allows you to reach people despite geographical barriers. And given how online content can easily become viral, you can bank on this too to help spread the word about your business.

How to Go About Building Your Presence Online

Get your website right

Forbes said that 97% of consumers go online to search for products and services, but only around 50% of small businesses run a website. If you don’t have one yet, then get to work now! Start with choosing the best website hosting service for your business as an agency principal by reading reviews about them, how fast it works with its strong cloud hosting features, allowing users to enjoy a site that opens in less than 3 seconds.

Maximize Your Results with Video Marketing Content and Podcasts

Creating and distributing quality content is one of the best ways to gain online visibility, and remains one of the most effective marketing strategies for promoting your business and creating brand recognition in the digital age. Try adding video to the mix. Video has the power to bring people together, to engage and teach them. That’s why savvy digital marketers know video marketing is a crucial component for their content strategy.

Podcasts have been skyrocketing lately because of COVID-19. Starting your own podcast to put your name out there as an independent agent and to promote your agency is going to give you the boost you need. Come up with a concept, choose a podcast hosting platform and start recording, editing your audio.

Make Use of The Social Media Revolution

Another thing you can do to go online is to create social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. It is easy to do, can be done for free, and is low maintenance, although you would have to give up control on your pages’ design and keep up with the algorithm changes released by these platforms. Since there are over a billion people on Facebook and Instagram, you might want to start with these two. Spend enough time curating content and scheduling your social media posts to make managing your social profiles easier.

Try something other than blogging. You could upload videos on YouTube, host a podcast, make an infographic, host an online course, or publish an eBook, among others. Do your best in creating content that your potential customers and target audience will find useful and they will eventually see you as a credible business and source of information.

Don’t Underestimate Email Marketing

Don’t discount the benefits of email marketing and guest blogging, too. These are proven and tested methods that work for brand awareness purposes. Guest blogging, for instance, helps you gain credibility, find a targeted audience, and boost your website traffic. Email marketing, on the other hand, still works if you properly segment your customers into existing and new email subscribers, customize your messages, and send the emails at just the right time. You also need to monitor the outcome of both tactics to see if they work and if there are issues, you would know how to resolve them.

Establishing an online presence is one of the best investments that you can make. It can benefit you in so many ways and for as long as your business exists, provided you manage it properly.

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