The Mayor With Mitch Gibson- Building Authority and Growing Your Brand

AN Radio - The Mayor and HRM

Welcome to this episode of Agency Nation Radio hosted by Heath Shearon. Today we hear from Mitch Gibson of HRM Insurance in Indiana. Mitch is only 25 and is committed to positioning himself as a local trusted insurance agent in his community.

First, they discuss Mitch’s work with the local charity Hope House, where he sits on the Board of Directors. Hope House is a homeless shelter with a thrift store whose sales go directly into helping those in need in the community. They discuss how not only does getting involved in your local community as an insurance agent drive your sales, but it also makes you feel good about what you do.

Then, they touch on Mitch’s own podcast Inside Hancock County, highlighting local businesses. Mitch has found this to be a great way to build relationships with others in the industry. He stresses the importance of working outside of the traditional 9-5 timeframe if you are really committed to growing your career.

Next the discussion turns to how the three most important people in the homebuying process are the broker, mortgage lender and insurance agent. If the process goes smoothly, an insurance broker can expect to get new client referrals. While giving out gift cards is an old school method to secure business, Heath believes a more effective way is to offer a service you are good at. Mitch explains the last thing a mortgage lender wants to do is wait for the hazard insurance request to get back from the agent. If the insurance agent takes too long to send out important documents, people won’t want to work with them. The insurance agent must be familiar with the home buying process to have a leg up in the game.

As the episode draws to a close, Mitch shares words of wisdom that you can individually make a difference every day. Then, he shares some advice for those interested in making their own content: Be authentic, don’t be afraid of what people think, post relevant content, take advantage of your cell phone and don’t expect to be perfect right away.


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