The Rules Still Apply, Episode 3

The Rules Still Apply
3:15 Antiquated Sales Processes in Insurance. “You’re going to have to buy steaks and whiskeys” and why there’s absolutely no reason you need to buy into this trap.

5:20 Getting Comfortable. Are there industries that are more receptive to virtual sales models, to dip our toes in the water?

6:31 When things go back to Normal. If we figure this out and things can be done faster and at a better scale, you’re coming out ahead. Being better than just “hanging on until things go back to normal

8:20 Is there a new step in the process for virtual? How has the burden of responsibility changed?

10:25 The trade-off is being more prepared for smaller chunks of time to make the most of it. The need to prep is stronger in virtual, but it’s one most people would prefer to make.

12:05 Does the seller/agent need to build a better reputation? Adding intro notes, LinkedIn profile, include a couple of different pieces of intrigue. The more we have to remember what we’re doing, the more we can maximize our time.

14:45 Modern selling technology to maximize time. Helping with email content, conversation intelligence, follow-up cadences allow us to stand out from all sellers.

17:20 “Your customers are someone else’s prospects.” You have to be constantly innovating and providing more value to your current customers.

19:15 Why would I keep selling in an agency that doesn’t use good tech? Agencies are losing the talent war to other industries because we’re not giving our teams what they need to be successful.

21:28 Are there non-negotiable skills that we’re forgetting as an industry? People don’t want to work somewhere that’s not mutually invested in their career.

24:20 Modernizing market leaders — cell phones, emails, texting, social media.

25:40 Multi-generational changes in sales processes. All people care about is how well they do and if they’re compensated for it.

27:47 You’re going to be a relic, but nobody wants to do that. As long as what we’re bringing helps them perform, most people want to improve.

29:20 Migrating people’s daily life. And focusing on “Why?”

31:30 Customer-first era and mindset

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