The Top 4 Reasons Agents Say They Love Elevate

by | Jan 16, 2019

If you’re looking for a place to lean into modern insurance marketing, Elevate is the place to be.

At least that’s what a mashup of survey feedback from hundreds of past attendees reveals.

These are the top 4 reasons agents say they love Elevate (and why you may just want to join us in NOLA in March, too).

1. The sessions go far beyond just ideas.

Agents have shared the session lineup is full of so many thoughtfully prepared sessions by agents for agents, and the overall vibe is on practical and actionable.

A big focus in planning the sessions with our awesome presenters is not only sharing their secret sauce, but also step-by-step walkthroughs of their proven growth tactics.

Whether it’s firing up your referral pipeline or building the best agency culture, this year’s agenda is packed with 50+ breakout sessions alone, Plus, attendees get access to a library of audio of all session, so they can listen in and share the content with their team.

Interested in see this year’s lineup? Start fueling your idea pipeline right here.


2. They have meaningful conversations that they take back to the agency.

The Elevate experience is set up specifically to give agents access to the best and the brightest insurance and marketing minds.

And not just in breakout sessions.

Many agent presenters stay for the whole gig. That means quality time to have conversations with thought-leaders that agents wouldn’t have staying inside their agency bubble.

Back at the office, it also means you’ll find yourself saying things like, “Well, as Billy Williams told me yesterday when I asked him about niches…” or “I had an interesting conversation with Wistia’s marketing strategist about the ROI of video and he advises…”

Many of the meaningful conversations among attendees lead to friendships.

Agents helping agents. Pretty cool, right?

To make networking at ’19 even easier, our conference app is brand new, which means attendees can easily start up conversations before they even arrive (downloadable from iTunes and Google).


3. They had no idea an insurance conference could also be so much fun.

Attendees have shared that they’ve never attended a conference with such an amazing group of  so many like-minded people, wanting to connect and share.

And that they actually had fun. In sessions…and on the dance floor.


4. They leave feeling ready to take action.

After the event wraps, many attendees email, call and even make videos to tell us the impact it had on them. Here’s just 2 of many…

Watch John Bachman share his takeaway after Elevate ’18.

And Ohio indie agent Scott Green shared this: “This was EXACTLY what I needed. To be in a room with 650+ people that understand me.  That get the struggles that I am going through. That want to talk to you about the stuff that NO ONE else on earth wants to talk to you about, Insurance. This conference has COMPLETELY recharged me! I will be better than I was before I showed up in Cleveland. My only regret is that I didn’t network as much as I would have liked to. I wanted to meet EVERYONE! I can’t thank you enough for creating this event. A place where a bunch of insurance nerds can get together and geek out and be pretty damn gangster in the process.”

And what’s even cooler is that Scott’s back this year, leading a session on how to leverage video to attract attention. Boom.

If you don’t have your plans locked up for Elevate ’19, all we can say is tick tock. Speaking of, the first 10 people who use promo code Tick-Tock-100-E19 will get an all-access pass for $999. <3


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