Tips for Selling Insurance From Home

In this video, Cody Askins gives you 7 tips for selling insurance over the phone from the comfort of your own home – but don’t get too comfortable! Selling from home is not the easiest thing to do and you still need to make some money. Let’s get to it.

  1. Have A Consistent Lead Flow

You need some type of lead flow. Whether that means buying digital leads, live transfers, direct mail leads, or maybe you can create your own leads, it doesn’t matter. The point is you must have a steady and consistent lead flow if you want to be successful selling insurance over the phone.

  1. Keep Your Activity High

Most agents will never put in the amount of dials and overall effort it takes to be successful in telesales and selling insurance over the phone. Keeping your activity high is a great way to stay ahead of your competition and is a way to make sure you have had a successful day. You may not always want to, but making that extra dial or sending out another follow up text or email might be the way for you to find success selling insurance over the phone.

  1. Learn To Follow-Up

Like I just mentioned, following up is such a critical yet often overlooked part of the insurance business – especially in telesales. I teach a “12 Touch Follow-Up System” in the first 72 hours of receiving or generating a lead. This is how it works:

Day 1: 3 Calls. 1 Text, & 1 Email

Day 2: 2 Calls. 1 Text, & 1 Email

Day 3: 1 Call. 1 Text, & 1 Email

80% of sales happen between the 5-12 contact, yet most insurance agents only call a lead once or maybe twice. If you want to be successful selling insurance from home, mastering the follow-up is crucial.

  1. Have A Great Script

You need a great script and overall system when selling insurance from home. Having a good script can take a lot of the guess work out of the equation and make you sound much more polished and professional over the phone. Avoid sounding like a robot though! Play around with the way you say certain words or say certain phrases with a different cadence in your voice. People can tell if you’re just reading a script, so it’s important you master your words so that they can never tell!

  1. Stay In Control

You must gain control of the phone call – and no, I do not mean just talking more than the prospect! Great sales people ask questions, listen, and steer the path of the conversation.

  1. Build A Relationship

Insurance sales is a relationship business. You need your prospect to know, like, and trust you in order to make a sale, which is even harder to do when selling completely over the phone. Take the time to get to know the person and build a relationship and you will see the difference it makes!

  1. Assume Every Step Of The Way

From the beginning, assume they are going to answer the phone. Assume they will love talking to you and assume they are going to buy! If you already have a pre-conceived notion that you are bothering them or that they’ll probably just hang up on you like the last person did, you have already failed. Go into each new call as if you are talking to a person who is going to be your next client!

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