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google compare

Does Google Compare present an opportunity for independent insurance agents?

In this episode of Agency Nation Radio we step up onto our soap boxes for a philosophical discussion on the impact Google Compare Auto Insurance will have on the independent insurance industry.

More importantly we share ideas on psychological impact products like Google Compare will have on the US insurance buyer.

Will the temptation of easy, quick insurance quotes start to pull on the consciousness of traditional independent insurance industry clients?

Only time will tell… But regardless of actual impact things are changing. We would be naive to believe they are not.

The good news there are small changes we can make over time to ensure that our clients have no need consider direct writers and their comparative rating options.

What are you doing to prepare your agency for the modern insurance consumer?

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Facebook Native Video

In the tactical segment our episode this week, we discuss a relatively new tool called Facebook native video.

By “native” we mean video that has been uploaded directly to Facebook versus a video shared to Facebook from Youtube or Vimeo.

There are several reasons why Facebook native video provides an incredible opportunity for independent agents:

  1. Facebook currently gives more priority in fan news feed to native video.
  2. Easy distribution system for mobile video marketing.
  3. Provide quick response answers to client questions.
  4. Facebook native video easily embeds on website (see example below).
  5. Videos attract more attention in news feed than standard post.

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Posted by Agency Nation on Monday, April 20, 2015

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