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Tyler Asher Explains Safeco's Four Big Bets on the Future of Insurance

Tyler Asher, president of Safeco Insurance, joins Agency Nation Radio to explain why Safeco is making four big bets on the future of insurance.

safeco insuranceThe impetus for my conversation with Tyler was the release of a new report titled, Agent for the Future.

Unlike most reports we see released about the insurance industry, Safeco’s Agent for the Future report is fresh and relevant. I found myself swiping stats left and right for an upcoming presentation. That’s when I knew we needed to talk about the Agency for the Future report in greater detail.

Here are a few of the stats that caught my attention:

  • 73% of agencies under $2.5M agree that producer and CSR roles are beginning to merge.
  • Only 40% of agencies are comfortable with online account management.
  • 58% of all agency hires are Millennials.

This is good stuff people.

Safeco’s Four Big Bets

Here are the four big bets that Safeco Insurance is making on the future of insurance:

  1. Agent First
  2. Customer-Centric
  3. Deeply Digital
  4. Innovation Always

These “big bets” sound more like institutional values and be honest, it’s refreshing to see a national carrier such as Safeco step out front with their number one value being “Agent First.”

This is a set of bets we can rally around.

Big thank you to Tyler Asher for taking some time out of his schedule to share with the Agency Nation community.

Get more from Safeco:

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Ryan Hanley

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