Use Benefits, Not Features to Talk About Technology With Your Customers

Technology is evolving at an incredibly fast pace, and it’s changing how consumers shop, purchase and interact with brands.

And while there are so many exciting things to talk about with technology today, it’s tempting to talk about everything all at once. But it can also be overwhelming — for you and your customers. The key is not to focus on everything, but to choose a few important things your customers will appreciate. It also helps to not focus on the features of the technology, but rather helping them understand the benefits — what’s in it for them.

For example, telematics is a big insurance industry buzzword right now. At Nationwide, we’re proud of our leadership position in this growing space. But mention telematics to your customers and you’ll likely get a blank stare. All they really need to know is that you can provide them with the car insurance equivalent of their grocery store frequent shopper card.

If they’re willing to share information about their driving habits — like they do with purchases at a grocery store, which often results in coupons for items you buy most frequently — they can earn discounts and get tips on safer driving. And your business clients will appreciate that you can help them track their entire fleet and manage their employees’ driving behaviors.

We also know technology lets people do things for themselves — when and how they choose. That means your customers will appreciate knowing you have ways for them to do things at their convenience. Whether it’s making a payment online, adding a driver to their policy or even starting a claim right on their phone, reminding your customers about the self-service options you provide is one more way to make technology work for both of you.

Keeping things simple and benefit-driven when talking about technology will let your customers know you respect their time and that you’re always looking out for their best interests.

And that’s right where you want to be.

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