Storytelling is one of the most powerful sales tools agents posses. Prospects want to hear about the realities of working with you, and telling true stories is the most impactful way to show what sets you apart from the agency down the street.

Use Success Stories to Grow Your Business

If you’ve been in the insurance business long enough, you likely have a few stories about saving the day and helping clients with policy claims. (If not, the day will certainly come when you have the opportunity to help a customer with a sudden, potentially life-changing claim on their auto, home or life policy.) Most agents recall every detail of those defining moments when they are able to help a client through a difficult situation because the insurance protection was perfectly in place.

You may also have great examples of “the one that got away.” There is always someone who chose not to follow your recommendation just before a flood, car crash, ATV accident, or apartment fire. These stories too can be very compelling.

There is significant value for prospects in hearing real-world examples like these of your responsiveness, your efficient claims process, and your compassion for your community. True stories show how you pull through for your customers at crunch time in a way that makes it real for your potential new clients.

When you’re thinking about telling your stories, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Show, don’t tell the value of working with an agent like you. Make it real to them with true-life illustrations.
  • Provide examples of efficient claims processes and what clients can expect. Knowing that you have guided clients through the process before can be very comforting to people.
  • Underscore your discretion with client information. No personal details! It goes without saying that you must respect your clients’ privacy and not jeopardize their trust.

Ways to Share Stories from Customers

Claims stories aren’t the only good news coming out of your agency, of course. Be mindful of other situations when a customer notes how you helped them solve a problem, and ask them for permission to share. There are many ways to then spread the word to prospects and customers:

  • Create a short video to post on your agency website describing a recent positive claim experience, perhaps after a big storm, flood or other incident.
  • Encourage testimonials from satisfied clients for Yelp, Google local, Bing and other local search sites.
  • Post brief summaries of positive feedback on your Facebook page and thank friends on your page for their loyalty, or create a review page where people can post.
  • Summarize a claim story in your E-newsletter.
  • Tell stories verbally when talking with prospects. This adds an even greater personal dimension and can help seal the deal with a customer who might otherwise have been hesitant.
  • Write a blog post.

Making the most out of the great experiences of your existing customers is a sure-fire way to draw in new customers, build trust, and help your agency grow.

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