I know what you are thinking…

Not another article about video marketing.

Trust me, I know how you are feeling, but this one will be different.

Both inside the world of Agency Nation and outside of it, video marketing is being shoved in your face as what all the “cool kids” are doing, and you need to be doing it now.

They say, “trust us, it is easy.”

Then usually follow it up with something like “it’ll be worth it.”

Just pick up your smart phone and start recording.

So, I listened and I am glad I did.

How to Stick to Creating Video

Did you notice that I didn’t say how to start video marketing?

Agency Nation and others have offered plenty of content on how to get started in video. From how to do it and even what camera equipment is needed.

Honestly, they were some of my biggest mentors when I got started.

Now fast forward a year later and my agency is still utilizing video to our advantage.

How Have We Done It?

First, we introduced video into each aspect of the client’s journey. Our goal was to use video to help build the relationship and trust in a digital sales world.

Truly, how many of our clients do you still meet face to face before they buy an insurance policy?

If you are still hosting night appointments, sitting with a family at their kitchen table, more power to you.

But for me, over 80% of our new clients have a policy bound and paid for before we meet them in person (thank you electronic signatures).

This from an agency no one is accusing of being a completely cutting edge, digital agency.

Our agency is in a village right off main street where it has been since the 1950’s, we still even have dozens of clients stop in to pay their premiums.

Oh, and one more thing, we still have paper. (Always choose your battles wisely in the family business)

How the Client Journey Begins

If you think of the insurance consumers of 2018 and where their journey begins you realize it starts well before they become an actual client.

Over 70% of buyers have already done their research online about you or your agency. Google, YouTube, & Facebook are probably the three most popular ways for a buyer to research.

What stands out on those platforms the most?

Not your pay-per-click advertising on the right hand side, that’s for sure.

It’s video…

Constant Video’s

Insert TIP TUESDAY.  The only video series’s name that might be less creative than “The SHOW”  (sorry Hanley)

I started our weekly video series by answering frequently asked questions and explaining common insurance terms or coverage’s.

These videos were created to offer value to current clients along with creating content that positions us as the expert to our prospects who are searching online.

And let me tell you, those initial videos were bad, but I pushed through until I started to find a groove and the videos started flowing more consistently.

Enter The Prospect

Once we had the prospect, we wanted the video journey to continue.

Anyone that knows me, knows I am a huge believer in video proposals. This is a controversial topic in the industry, not necessarily if you should do them, but how you should do them.

I constantly ask agents who want to get started with video proposals one question.

What’s your goal for utilizing them?

If your answer is to improve your close ratio, then you are not doing them for the right reason.

Improving your close ratio is an obvious reason to do anything in the insurance business but it shouldn’t be your focus.

Video Proposals are the new “kitchen table” way to sell insurance.

When I started selling insurance in 2006, night appointments sitting at a family’s kitchen table was still of the normal.

Sitting in someone’s home was a great way to develop trust and build that relationship. The problem now in 2018, is that no one has time for this anymore.

The ability to sit and review insurance options, educate consumers on insurance coverage’s, and build a better relationship using free or inexpensive video technology is a win/win.

It’s bringing “new school” and “old school” together creating one dominate sales technique.

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By now most agencies have some form of an onboarding process in their agencies. If not, you might want to start thinking about it, but how many agencies utilize video with it.

With more new clients never setting foot in your physical office (if you even have one) and a higher percentage of them starting and finalizing new policy sales online, the need for video is more important.

The video proposal is a great start and builds the relationship with the producer but what happens after the sale?

Or, what about the rest of your staff?

Unless you are a one-person agency, it is imperative that you introduce your staff to your clients.

Usually, in a lot of small agencies, like ours, the owner is also the producer and services the policy. Clients will be trained and accustomed to contact you for all their needs.

But eventually you won’t have time for that.

We were in the same boat; our on-boarding process now starts with a welcome video introducing the staff, explains what the client can expect and who they will be working with when contacting our office.

This was a game changer for us and a great way to train new clients from the beginning on who they will be working with.

This frees up the producer to do what they are good at.


Client Experience

Video in our client’s journey does not stop there, we have introduced it into almost every aspect of the business.

  • Renewal Process
  • Claims. 
  • Service Requests
  • Testimonials
  • Cross sell/Up selling

Even our own email signature.

Our Goal is to continuously provide a unique customer experience. Video has allowed us to do that and gives us the face to face interaction with our clients that is missing in today’s digital world.

How you can do it

Getting started in video marketing might seems like a daunting task, and I will be honest, it will be at first.

But, remember how I mentioned this article will be different than most about video marketing.

It’s because it is coming from an agency owner that had zero knowledge about video and who actually doesn’t like being in front of a camera. I constantly say the words “um” and “ah” on camera and that is okay.

Insurance is a relationship business and the more we as agents use technology to strengthen those relationships, the better our business becomes.

I’ve learned that and hopefully this will help you relate more to the daily struggles taking the next step towards video marketing.

The key is just taking that step.

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