If I asked you how many leads a month were coming through your website, could you tell me?

If you couldn’t tell me, would you know where and how to find that information?

Google Analytics can.

The 5 minutes it takes to set up lead tracking will save you hours on the back end.

Watch this video and answer the question: is your website making you money?

P.s. I made this video with:

  • Screenflow for Mac ($100)
  • My iPhone (I don’t wanna remember how much this cost me)
  • Filmic Pro Video App ($10)
  • Two 7′ Light Stands from Amazon ($20)
  • 18″ Diva Ring Light ($200)
  • An iPhone mount ($10)
  • 1 Scoop Light from Home Depot ($8)
  • A bulb I unscrewed from my roommate’s bathroom (paid for this too)

If you’re looking to be a video ninja,¬†believe me, it’s well within reach.

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