What it’s Like to be a Female in Insurance

Kelly tackles the critical and somewhat controversial topic of being a female in the insurance business.  She is uniquely positioned to talk about this topic as a female, and from knowledge obtained from being connected with over 700 agencies in the United States and Canada.  Kelly hopes that this will encourage male agency owners to understand the female point of view, and to empower women to think differently. Kelly was inspired to tackle this topic after reading the book “Think and Grow Rich for Women” by Sharon L. Lechter.  

Although Kelly loves February because it’s a time to hibernate, it’s also a time to be productive and make the rounds to a host of agencies.  Listen to hear the agencies Kelly will be visiting in February.  

Women in Insurance

Kelly has been known to say men typically own insurance agencies and women run them.  Although, this is changing!   

  • Women take a different approach to things…and it’s amazing to see the back and forth. 
  • A lack of confidence, particularly in women, is a struggle in agencies.  “You are protecting people’s financial livelihoods…you are protecting their futures.  And, if you take that seriously, guess what they start doing? The client starts taking that seriously.” 
  • Work/life balance situation.  “I don’t believe in work life balance; I believe in one life.  When I have one life, I get to pick and choose every moment of the day and how to make it all work.  Not feeling guilty about time away from my husband when I’m at work. We have a lot of conversations about how to make it work to hit our goals and dreams.”
  • Be where you are.  “I don’t have to pick and choose and say I’m not good enough here; that is a story we keep telling ourselves.”
  • Don’t minimize your role.  Sometimes in agencies this means embracing different strategies and breaking out of the idea that ‘I’m just a service person’ and saying ‘I have the power to change people’s lives every day I show up to work.’
  • What holds you back? Figure out the things that hold us back in our careers.  Find a support system to help with life’s obstacles (sick children, child care, etc.). 
  • Women are valuable. 


  • Own who you are, and own what you do.  Don’t minimize your role.  “If you don’t find it important, no one else will.”  
  • Figure out what holds you back
  • Think of back up strategies. Those are the things that get you ahead in life.
  • Embrace change and embrace training.  Be a forever student.  
  • Wherever you are, be 100% present, and be the best you, you can be.
  • Be vulnerable.  Try things.  Don’t worry about being perfect.  The best thing we can do is take direction from our team and our leaders.
  • Spend some time building relationships with producers.  Find common ground.  
  • Count your blessings.  The insurance industry is a great place to work.   
  • Practice gratitude.  

Feel free to contact Kelly with questions.

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