If you’re doing it right, it should be anyone you want.

Yesterday was Easter shopping and decorating. The latter feels adequately unnecessary. Today it’s grocery shopping and amazingly nothing else. (No birthday parties Adam).

Alright fine, maybe not anyone.

I tried to make friends with one of LeBron’s high school teammates in college and it didn’t go so well.

But, how cool would it be to have 100 people dying to talk to you at any moment?

What about 200 or 300?

The number really doesn’t matter.

It probably sounds a little made up, right?

What if it wasn’t.

What if you could pick the best people to call whenever you want?

What if when you called them, they freaked out a little?

Thought they were special.

Even wondered why they might be so lucky?

Now it really sounds made up.

This is where the marketing rubber hits the sales road.

This is where you get to decide who to build a better relationship with, not the other way around.

This made up sales world could be your reality if you’re willing/able to create content that makes those people want to spend more time with you.

That’s it.

The more time you allow them to spend with you, the more excitement you’ll get when you actually do.

There’s an F word that more appropriately describes this feeling, but we’re not going to say it because it’s a little too crazy and you’ll think it’s impossible.

But my good buddy Woody Brown has started to learn that it’s not.

I know Matt and Zack over at G&N believe me.

Even Rob McCarthy probably can’t argue it at this point.

It just makes life so much easier.

But why am I talking to you about it today?

Great question.

Honestly, I probably downplayed it a little myself until this week.

Sydney and I were talking about some Agency Nation University sales ideas when it hit me.

I had never really shared this process before.

I kinda made it up and didn’t really think it was a thing.

It’s basically the process that I developed to make my podcast possible.

It was definitely pretty awkward at first, but I knew if I stuck with it, the problem would be short lived.

That process was how I picked agents to “randomly” call for podcast episodes.

It was simple, I just focused on the agents who were the most engaged with what I had most recently published.

I learned pretty quick this was also an amazing time to invite those agents to attend our event or officially join the club.

Seemed like a pretty decent trade after giving them around 60 minutes of my time for free.

At the very least I had developed a much deeper relationship with someone who had already put in work of their own.

I’ve definitely had more than one of these people tell me they “were waiting to be sold something.”

That’s probably not the best thing for a business to hear.

I don’t think Chip reads these emails… So it’s probably fine.

Those same people have also said “you guys give so much away for free.”

I’m almost positive I removed his email from this list…

But that’s the trick.

That’s what gives you the freedom to pick up the phone whenever you want.

If you worry about what’s free, there’s not enough for them to care.

If they don’t care, then you’re just like everyone else.

If you’re just like everyone else, no one will want to talk to you.

Where’s the fun in that?

See you out there and enjoy your Sunday.


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