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why lead is a four letter word

Is “Lead” a forbidden four letter word in your office?

Referrals are the lifeblood of independent insurance agencies. However, for many agencies referrals are beginning to dry up. It’s becoming harder and harder to extract referrals from your customers.

It’s time for independent agents to embrace leads and lead buying.

Lead buying is one of the most effective methods of scaling your inbound new business opportunities.

In this episode of Agency Nation Radio we’re joined by Tony Franzese, CEO of Precise, a provider of real-time delivery of leads to a network of insurance agents, as well as other customer prospecting services including Live Phone Transfers and ad-driven Click to Call marketing.

Tony and his team help independent agencies grow through targeted inbound lead generation.

Who better than a Fortune 5000 lead generation company CEO to help us break down the myths associated with insurance leads.

precise leadsPrecise Leads

Quality referrals to help your business grow.

At Precise, we understand that in order to deliver the very best leads, we need to offer consumers unparalleled service. We are constantly developing and improving our proprietary lead delivery system, and we take service and security very seriously.

Precise Leads is highly rated within the insurance and financial community, successfully serving individual agents, regional agencies, and publicly held corporations.

Click here to learn more about Precise Leads.

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