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silicon valley believes insurance brokerage is broken

Silicon Valley believes the insurance brokerage is broken.

They’re wrong. They’re also right.

Whitney Arthofer’s article on Tech Crunch “Insurance Brokerage is Broken” hits us where it hurts. It’s clear from this article that she’s never worked one single day as an insurance agent, but that doesn’t make her conclusions any less true, or any easier to swallow.

As agents, we already know that the internet is changing our game, we know that there’s a huge disconnection between us and our new generation of buyers.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none” excerpt=”It’s insane to diminish the role agents play in the insurance buying experience.”]But it’s insane to diminish the role agents play in the insurance buying experience.[/tweet_box]

“I think sometimes we forget this in this industry, but your brand is supposed to be fun. It’s important to do creative and fun things, and capture people’s attention.” Ryan Hanley

You can tell that Whitney’s article is slanted toward Silicon Valley.

That group of techies is bent on removing the human component of almost anything. We’ve talked on previous episodes how tech doesn’t respect the regulations of this industry or the relationships it creates, and we want to remind all of you out there that we are more than just trading information.

While they argue that this is a transactional business, we are here to say that your insurance policy is more than just a utility bill. And in order to remove that stigma, insurance agents like us need to make ourselves more available to our consumers and more aware of that they’re actually looking for from an insurance policy.

Back in the day, there was no competition. But in today’s technology-heavy realm, we have to hustle to make ourselves stand out.

“These are the kinds of things that will allow an agency to connect with that new level of buyer…because they come to the web with a different understanding.” Marty Agather

Now, we had a lot of fun this past week launching rockets. You might be wondering, what does that have to do with insurance?

Well, we’re not giving anything away just yet, you’ll have to wait for our Agency Nation University launch, but posting videos of us launching rockets is going to change our game – and your game – for the better. It’s time we start bringing new technology solutions to our brands and our businesses.

Start looking to your insurance carriers who are willing to work with hungry agents and ask them what you can bring to the table. Things like e-signatures, interactive videos, and even interacting with clients via social media is going to give you the edge you need to stand out and prove people like Whitney Arthofer wrong.

Podcast Topics

  • How to connect with our new generation of buyers: millennials
  • What Silicon Valley’s outlook does to the way we do business
  • Where new tech is trying to change the game
  • How to change your relationship with insurance carriers for the better
  • How to use technology to “commoditize” your insurance package


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