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Is because of a creative culture that won’t stop.


Tough to pin down. Easy to dismiss.

Yet, Culture.

As ethereal concept as it may be… is Paramount to victory.

Because culture… unlike any other aspect of your business…

…is the psychological manifestation of the soul of your business.

You can’t fake it.

Culture is honest, candid and true.

…and it all boils down to this.

You care… or you don’t.

Not that you care about your business… of course you do.

But do you care about your people?

It’s easy to say you care.

It’s easy to put up motivational quotes in the break room.

It’s easy to WANT a great company culture.

But culture doesn’t happen by accident.

Your people judge you on your actions.

What do you actually do?

Do you live, breathe and execute on the culture your words frame?

Your actions…

It is your actions that define culture.

Want a performance-based culture?

Perform. Go do the work and hold yourself accountable to results.

You want a creative culture?

Be creative. Try stuff. Think different about your business and share your ideas freely up and down the company.

Want to growth culture?

Go sell something and teach others how to sell.

Do this again and again and again and again… till living, breathing and executing your company culture is more than habit, but simply how you do business…

Only through your own hard work can the trust, respect and loyalty necessary to seed culture be built.

Then… as your new culture begins to blossom…

Let go… and trust your people to nourish and grow that culture into the future.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

…more like culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch, dinner and that snack right before bed you don’t tell your spouse about.

Culture is how we win.

So… Be selfless.
Be kind.
Be accountable.
Be inspired.
Be curious.
Be creative.
Be driven.

Be the change you want to see throughout your company.

You must embody that change, every day, in every action you take.

You must be the force of will that breaks down the narcissism, pessimism, protectionism, and all the other “isms” keeping your company from success.

We all have insecurities.

We all have shortcomings.

We all have moments of weakness.

But we survive.

No. We thrive… despite them all, because of trust, respect, loyalty, camaraderie… because of culture.

What will your culture be?

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