Will You Help Me With My Research?

As an insurance professional, I’ve witnessed turnover becoming an ongoing issue within the workforce today. Among various organizations within this industry I’ve learned that each are struggling to retain millennials. As I’ve continued to delve into my educational journey, turnover intention became a focal point of my doctoral research.

Millennials will represent over 75% of the nation’s workforce by 2023 (US Census Bureau, 2017). It’s important to consider the economic impact this will have on businesses. Therefore, I decided to ask the following research question: To what impact can turnover intentions of millennial employees of insurance companies in the Southeastern United States be predicted from their organizational commitment, organizational support, and job satisfaction?

The results of this study may contribute valuable information to business managers and organization’s HR departments to assist in implementing new strategies to encourage retention. Attached is my survey and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete. I am also hosting a bi-weekly incentive to say thank you for participating in my research. Details of how to register for the incentive are located in my survey link: http://www.SurveyMonkey.com/r/ChristineBellidoResearch

Would you be willing to assist me in my research? Once all data is collected and reviewed, I will be defending my dissertation for the completion of my doctoral degree. Once defended, I will gladly share my research and engage in further discussions on how to promote engagement/retention with your organization. Thank you for your consideration and assistance in discovering more about this emerging phenomenon.

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