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Leadership and Wellness

3:30 Amy Nicholas has worked with Heather for 17 years and talks about her own journey in personal growth, leadership, and development.  For Amy, she has found that her Personal and Mental Health is tied to Physical Health – when she is not healthy in both categories, her mind is not as sharp. Throughout this podcast, you will hear the team openly talk about “burnout”. Amy shares what her signs and triggers are of burnout and how she has learned to navigate through those waters. 12:00 Heather shares the takeaways from a self-development conference her team attended called the Rise Conference by Rachel Hollis. 15:27 Aimee, aka Gibbs – Gave up long engineering career of 20+ years to come to Highpoint and how getting out of her comfort zone has had major impacts on her leadership growth, personal journey, bond with others, and feel like she was apart of something greater. She even led a boxing dance party! Gibbs also shares her love for “Lunch workouts” and how the change of her schedule was a huge hurdle to get over. Figuring out when to fit workouts in her new schedule and how she and her husband found time to workout together. 24:40 Jackie – Her fitness journey started after having two babies. With the help of her husband, Jackie learned how to build muscle and eat clean. And then she started working at Highpoint. Jackie shares her struggles of finding the right balance for herself and her family and made it happen by giving herself the daily reminder of her WHY, Jackie was able to alter her entire schedule and let go of some personal preferences that were getting in the way of her new balanced schedule and family time. 34:40 when Heather met Jamie – Jaimie was quiet, and shy, and maybe a little introverted while heather is chatty and very much extroverted. Heather tells the story of how she made it her mission to get in Jamie’s bubble and get her talking! It worked and they quickly became friends. Meanwhile at Highpoint, a new position evolved and as heather and Jackie outlined what that person would be like. Heather saw Jamie fitting this exact description and well, she was hired! 40:20 Jamie shares how she impacted the company with wellness month. “You’re a runner”. Not one person stood out to her as most accomplished because it truly was an overall accomplishment for the entire office. 42:05 Jamie Found Her Voice – let people talk/answer for her. Conference – made her be able to tell people No to do something that was important for her, marathon. 43:02 Heather recaps the fierce leaders of highpoint and how they have inspired Heather. “Find your voice, get out of bed, stand up for yourself.” That is all for now my friends, tune in to Breathe Out wherever you listen to your podcast. Always remember to Lead with Love.

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