It’s not like it’s preventing your agency from becoming something more…

This weekend is double barrel birthday party action for my nieces and nephew. Yesterday was a trip to my sisters for her daughters party and today we’re on our way to my wife’s brother’s for his daughter and son’s joint birthday extravaganza.

For some reason as an industry we’ve become accustomed to making due with what we have.

Now most of the time that’s a very lean and efficient way of doing business.

However, when it comes to paying new bodies to show up in said agency, that’s when things get limiting.

It’s like you subconsciously refuse to acknowledge a reality beyond your current imagination.

How could you possibly support and run an operation that size?

It’s possibly impossible.

I’m not going to claim to be a hiring master, however in my short time at Agency Nation, the speed in which the current workload has exceeded the number of hands doing it is staggering.

Our distaste for complacency and desire to do more is palpable.

Even the few people that have come after my arrival is surprising.

If there’s more work that needs done or more ground to cover, we’re going to find someone to do.

I guess this also goes back to what we talked about last week.


Yeah, your personal growth might be solid, if you’re doing it, but this is probably public enemy number one why most of the industry is stuck where it’s at.

At some point, someone else should be doing a lot of what you once did.

That’s called scale.

It’s also called duplicating yourself.

Here’s the tricky part.

It’s not about making yourself irrelevant.

It’s actually the exact opposite.

It’s about making yourself more relevant to the highest value tasks you ARE uniquely qualified to do.

It’s about grabbing another rung on the ladder.

It’s about adding a new (more valuable skill) and letting go of a lesser one.

It’s about always knowing who and what should come next so you never run out of places to go.

This is the lack of support you could be giving the work you’re trying so hard to do.

I mean, otherwise, what’s the point?

Maybe you don’t want to have to cross the street on your insurance block.

That’s fine.

No one said you had to.

But that mentality runs pretty aggressively against the reason you came here in the first place.

Because once upon a time you wanted to need a map to navigate the insurance metropolis you were building.

Somewhere along the way it became too much of something to do the work that required more support.

Once that happened you stated losing before you even started playing.

Maybe it’s not worth it?

Maybe you’ve seen this movie before (spoiler alert).

Maybe it’s not.

Maybe the rules are different now.

Maybe the people are better.

Maybe the ending has changed.

All you have to do is sit next to enough people that want to see it.

See you out there and enjoy your Sunday.


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