Zero to Sales Ch1: Intro to Google Analytics

Zero to Sales is a proven step-by-step program that teaches you how to win new insurance business online.

Lesson 1: Why Google Analytics is Your Missing Superpower

Lesson 2: How to Set-Up Google Analytics on Your Site

Lesson 3: Getting Comfortable With Google Analytics

Lesson 4: What is a Filter?

Lesson 5: How to Filter Internal Traffic

Lesson 6: How to Filter Spam Traffic

Lesson 7: How to Add Annotations to Google Analytics to Track Material Website Changes

Lesson 8: Why You Should Track “Sessions”

Lesson 9: Is Your Website Making You Money? (Part 1)

Lesson 10: Is Your Website Making You Money? (Part 2)

Lesson 11: Are Your Visitors Local?

Lesson 12: How Do Your Visitors Find You?

Lesson 13: What’s Your Most Popular Content?

Lesson 14: Uncover What Keywords You Rank For

Lesson 15: Easy Hack to Brainstorm More Content