Zinc Insurance Blueprint

Learn how one agency is revolutionizing the traditional independent agency business model.
160 min

Why We Created This Workshop

What You’ll Get Out of This Workshop

One Last Note…

Who Seth Zaremba Isn’t

Seth’s First Sales Skill

He Couldn’t Have Started From Scratch Without This

The Importance of “Behaviors”

Why Brand Matters

What’s REALLY The Point of Marketing

The Carrier Argument

Why We Can No Longer Just Be “Sales Centers”

The Cyclical Nature of Zinc Insurance

Chicken Before The Egg?

Don’t Be a Mercenary

How to Find The Right Carrier Partners

How to Be a Leader in Carrier Negotiations

What Product/s Should You Sell?

The Zinc 8-Point Marketing Strategy

The Trucker Campaign

The Artist Campaign

Finding the Area of Need

The Teacher Campaign

“Wholistic” Marketing

What is “Playground Scoping?”

How Zinc Hires (and fires)

How to Measure Customer Happiness

The REAL Problem with Agency Management Systems

Zinc’s Tool Hack

Retention Isn’t Enough (the Case for Behavioral Data)

When TechCanary Marries SalesForce

Organic vs Forced Interactions

Can You Implement Zinc’s Current Setup?

Customer Lifetime Value

Ensuring Data Integrity

Think Behavior-Based, not Performance-Based

A Behind-the-Scenes Conversation with Zinc’s Data Analyst

Part 1: Zinc 2.0

Part 2: Zinc 2.0

Part 3: Zinc 2.0

Part 1: A Conversation with Westfield & Mapfre

Part 2: A Conversation with Westfield & Mapfre